January program highlights Lions-supported youth camps

The January meeting program highlighted Camp Courageous and Camp Hertko Hollow, both of which receive annual donations from the Johnston Lions–as well as many other Lions Clubs and other service organizations.  Presenting were Jessica Thornton of Hertko Hollow and Lion Charlie Becker of Camp Courageous.  Camp Courageous provides growth opportunities for children with varying disabilities, […]

New slate of club officers inducted

At a recent dinner meeting, the new slate of club officers were inducted for the fiscal year 2015-2016. President John Kerber                          2 yr. Director Sue Timm 1st VP Mike Beaman                              2 yr. Director Carolyn Burrough 2nd VP Ron Lower                                 Tail Twister Neil Cross 3rd VP Lynn Louk                                  Lion Tamer Rick Mosher Past President Craig […]